Inexpensive U.S. Beach Towns – Time Is Running Out

Beach Time Is Ending

Are looking for some inexpensive U.S. beach towns to visit before it is too late? Beach weather is about gone, so time is running out. So better to spend less, since you are not going to be getting the full hot sunny beach experience. However, this is a great time to view the beach and some of the awesome beach towns.

Virginia Beach Virginia

You can’t beat Virginia Beach in the fall, this is the time to visit. Everything is at a slower pace, which is the best time to look at this fantastic coastal city without being in a rush. You still have your beaches and ocean fronts, lets you feel the magic of the fall. Everything is less crowded and gives you a chance to look at the beauty of the world when staring out at the ocean. Feeling that brisk breeze blowing in your hair, the sound of the wind and the waves. The feeling of being a lonely spec on this big blue marble.

When things are calm and less crowded, you can take in the beauty of the Town Center. You can spend more time gazing at the marvel of the Chesapeake Bay. In town, you have theater, music, comedy, shopping and dining. A little further inland, you have a variety of parks and breweries. You can’t overlook Pungo just outside Sandbridge. In Pungo, you’ll discover many unique experiences. You can visit the Military Aviation Museum, the New Earth Farm, pick your own produce, Blue Pete’s Dinner Kayak Tour and more. This is something to do for the whole family, or a romantic getaway, or even treat yourself. If you are looking for some inexpensive U.S. beach towns, this one ought to be put to the top of your list.

Ocean City Maryland

Ocean City is a resort town in Maryland, in between the Atlantic Ocean and Wight Bay. You will never go hungry with the long stretch of boardwalks lined with restaurants, shops and hotels. Fall is one of the best times to visit. The temperature are mild across the 10 mile beach. It is the perfect getaway in the fall, for friends, romance, ocean fishing or just enjoy the boardwalks. If you are a golfer, then you can’t miss the 17 championship courses just waiting for you to try out.

You always have to try out the restaurant when visiting the beaches, no matter summer or fall. There is of course seafood, thick steaks to steamed crabs. The Boardwalk has the nation’s best pizza, burgers and wraps according to USA Today. Don’t worry about ever getting board, with their Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum and sightseeing water tours. Aside from all the great shops and restaurants you will find along the boardwalk. If you are into biking, rollerblading and or skateboarding, you will find many of these type parks. The boardwalk also comes with rides, amusements, arcades and much more. This is an all around inexpensive U.S. beach town to visit for everyone for any type of getaway.

What Qualifies For An Inexpensive U.S. Beach Town Anyways?

Well obviously, you need to be in the U.S., that goes without saying. What I think qualifies for inexpensive is the variety of things to do around these beach towns. Sure, you could go overseas to more elaborate beaches or ocean fronts. But if you are looking to get away to the beach for a fall experience, go to places that are not too much different than home. Most cities have a downtown area with shops and restaurants, so combine a little of home with the beach. Find an fair price hotel, a cheap flight if you need it and just relax with no real agenda. Everyday life is filed with to do list and agendas. We all need ever once in a while, just getaway with no plans, no timetable or any pressures. What better place to go like Virginia Beach or Ocean City?

Your larger and more popular beaches have higher prices, especially during the summer. Fall provides a relaxing atmosphere, less to no crows and lower prices. When you can take the time to walk the beaches, the boardwalk, shop a little, enjoy music and fine dining. It makes for a really nice break from the everyday grind. The experience is even better knowing it isn’t costing you a small fortune. The time is now though, soon the weather will too cold to go, enjoy these inexpensive U.S. beach towns before it is too late.

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