rodney parks
Rodney parks


Blogger and entrepreneur of many websites. Running two websites that relate to travel inspired me to create a hotel and travel search website to provide quick convenience.  

Hotel and Travel Site is the quickest and easiest way to search for a hotel and or flight and book it all from one search. No more bouncing around on the Internet looking for the best deal, when you can get it here with convenience.

Upon building and running two sites that relate to travel, I wanted to create a place where someone could search for a hotel and book a flight to help save one time

One of the websites is an Automotive Solutions site. It is packed full of how to information to help those do-it-yourselfers. The other site is basically a travel information site.

I have been asked many times on both sites, who I recommend for hotel and flight searches and bookings. That got me to thinking about creating my own site just for the sole reason. Here at ReservationsEZ, you can search for a hotel or flight without have to leave that one page. Nor do you have to bounce around on the internet trying to get your trip planned. I wanted to make it easy for anyone to make their travel or vacation agendas.

You can start your search from the travel destination search form on the home page. That will take you to a larger search engine that can find you all the best deals by price, locations or even events. Plus you can select your preferred language and currency to make the whole experience easier.

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